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LiPo Testers / Warners

LiPo Testers / Warners
Model: Lipo Tester & Alarm
Specifications:• 2~8S Battery Tester• Low Voltage Alarm• Dimensions: 33mm x 15mm x 11mm• Weight: 9gPackage Includes:- 1 x Tester & Alarm..
Model: Buzzer 5V (4pcs)
Specifications:• Size: Φ12 x 9mm• Weight: 1.75g/pc• Input: 5VPackage Includes:- 4 x Buzzer..
Model: Buzzer mini 5V
Specifications:• Size: Φ9 x 5.5mm• Weight: 0.8g/pc• Input: 5VPackage Includes:- 4 x Buzzer mini..
Model: Cellmeter8 Tester
Very handy battery checker, for a myriad of types of battery - LiPo, LiFe, Li-ion, NiCd & NiMHCan be used as a servo tester. Please see imagesFeature- High visibility LCD display screen- Port for balance plug for up to 8 cell Lipo, LiFe, or Li-Ion batteries- Can be used as Servo tester..
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